Love You Short Note

Though the depth of your love is huge, sometimes you may wish to express your love to your soulmate in a short note. On such times, you can use these images and pictures with Love You Short Note. Download and post these short and cute note in the timeline of your girlfriend/boyfriend to open up your heart in a sensible way.

    If you ask me to describe you in two words, I would say you are "Simply Amazing."

    I love your efforts to bring joy to my life.

    I know the Cinderella story would come true because I have you.

    I love you Now and Forever.

    Not all the times, your partner would want you to describe your love in more words. Sometimes, he/she would love to listen to your short and cute words. These Love You Short Notes would help you on such circumstances. Download the best ones for your use.

    Your voice is my favourite sound.

    I can promise you, that the best is yet to come.

    Love you, my sweetheart.

    My life is a better place, you are the reason for that.

    Every minute with you is a beautiful addition to my life's journey.

    Standing next to you is my favourite place.

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